Local IPv6 Forum "Levels Up" to Support Singapore's Smart Nation Effort

Lawrence Hughes has relocated to Singapore to launch Sixscape Communications Pte Ltd. together with Victor Tang, who is currently Chair of the Singapore IPv6 Forum. Mr. Hughes will join Mr. Tang in co-chairing the Singapore Chapter of the IPv6 Forum.

The Singapore IPv6 Forum has already been very active in IPv6 advocacy and events around Singapore. It works closely with the Singapore government's Infocomm Development Authority (iDA), most local telcos and ISPs, and other organizations to promote the adoption of IPv6 in Singapore. Mr. Hughes will be adding significant new technical expertise to the Singapore chapter.

Singapore has certified roughly half of all IPv6 Forum certified professionals in Asia/Pac, and is a regional leader in terms of percent of AS networks that actually have measured IPv6 prefixes present. According to the chart at http://v6asns.ripe.net/v/6, Japan is the current Asia/Pac leader in this metric at 41.19%, with Singapore a close second at 39.74%. The APNIC region as a whole is currently at 21.11%. The global average is 18.46%.

The Singapore government is currently launching a major effort to become the first "Smart Nation" with greatly enhanced connectivity to become a leader in the coming Internet of Things (IoT). For details, see https://www.ida.gov.sg/About-Us/Newsroom/Media-Releases/2014/Singapore-Unveils-Building-Blocks-of-Smart-Nation-Vision. Widespread adoption of IPv6 is essential to this effort, and the Singapore IPv6 Forum is heavily involved in this ambitious undertaking.

Sixscape Communications has developed new Internet protocols (IRP, port 4604 and SixChat, port 4605) and a new infrastructure (the Global Identity Registry) that are key to scaling Internet address registration and security to the unprecedented levels required for the Internet of Things and Smart Nation efforts.

Mr. Hughes said "We look forward to working with local government agencies and other stakeholders to make Singapore the first real 'Smart Nation', to serve as a model for other countries to leap forward into the 21st century. IPv6 is absolutely crucial in this effort, and Singapore is well prepared to leverage this technology to help this effort succeed. This is a very exciting time to be in Singapore."

Lawrence E. Hughes is a 40+ year veteran of many Internet companies and is a recognized authority in IPv6 and Public Key Infrastructure. IPv6 is the latest version of the fundamental protocol underlying Internet communications, and is being deployed worldwide now. By 2017, Internet traffic over IPv6 is expected to surpass traffic over the older IPv4 in volume.

Sixscape Communications, Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based company that creates and sells Internet applications that feature strong support for IPv6 and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). They are doing pioneering work in the area of End2End Direct secure communications, made possible by IPv6. More information is available at www.sixscape.com.  

The IPv6 Forum is a worldwide organization with over 70 national or regional chapters all over the world, to provide advocacy and training for the deployment of IPv6 in each area. More information is available at www.ipv6forum.org

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