31 August 2011 - The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is leading a national effort to build up a pool of IPv6-trained manpower in Singapore, to ensure that the country's ICT industry is well-positioned to take advantage of new opportunities in the IPv6 world.

With the depletion of IPv4 addresses, the Internet community will be moving towards adopting IPv6 technologies. In view of this, IDA sees the need to develop a local pool of IPv6 competent workforce, to support IPv6 adoption.

IDA recently called for a tender to identify a training provider to deliver IPv6 knowledge and skills training to two key target groups - the current workforce of ICT professionals, and the future workforce which comprises students from institutes of higher learning (IHLs) such as the universities, polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education.

For the current workforce which includes network planners, network administrators and other ICT professionals, the aim is to provide certified IPv6 training courses to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary IPv6 skills to handle IPv6 related tasks such as administration, IPv6 implementation and operational tasks. The courses will cover topics such as IPv6 packet generation and detection, network configuration, IPv6 routing protocols, and steps to migrate to IPv6. Each training programme will include theory, a hands-on component, and an examination.

In addition to this cohort, IDA is also targeting to train ICT professionals to become IPv6-certified trainers who will, in turn, be able to conduct IPv6 courses to train more ICT professionals with IPv6 skills and to develop their own courseware if required.

For the second target group - the students - IDA's main aim is to ensure that they are equipped with IPv6 knowledge prior to joining the IT workforce. This target group will be able to handle IPv6-related tasks and job requirements upon graduation. To deliver this, the training provider will have to develop an IPv6 training programme consisting of IPv6 course modules and an evaluation quiz to be offered to the IHLs.

"We would like to see the training provider establish strong collaborations with the various IHLs and to deliver IPv6 training using various mechanisms, for example, incorporating IPv6 modules into the existing school curriculum, conducting IPv6 workshops or organising industry-sharing sessions on IPv6 implementation experiences," said Mr Eddy Leong, Manager, IPv6 task force at IDA.

Students targeted will be drawn mainly from second and third-year polytechnic students, especially those pursuing diplomas in information technology or network systems, as well as university students doing relevant networking or ICT modules under Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering.

IDA targets to train a sizeable pool of ICT professionals and students over the next two years.

The IPv6 Competency Tender, which was closed in August, has been awarded to Progreso Networks.

Source: http://www.ida.gov.sg/Technology/20110831122738.aspx

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