IPv6 Task Force report highlights slow progress towards adoption of internet protocol

The IPv6 Task Force’s latest report records continued, if slow progress in New Zealand’s support of the expanded internet protocol, but disappointingly none of the most-visited .nz sites, such as media and banks, is available over IPv6 yet.

TradeMe looks like being first cab off the rank, with IPv6 support planned for later this year.

When looked at overall, the picture is rather brighter. “The last quarter saw a small rise from 29 percent to 31 percent of New Zealand autonomous systems (ASs) having at least 1 v6 peer (actual numbers up from 60 of 206 to 66 of 222),” says the report. This, it points out, is above the OECD average of 15.3 percent, “China is at 13.4 percent; Australia at 18.percent. Some economies do outstrip us though, including internet leaders The Netherlands at 42 percent.”

An autonomous system is a collection of sites under the control of a common routing policy, typically administered by the same internet service provider or large company.

Seventeen percent of NZ’s ISPs have web services reachable over v6. “Government is the other sector with a strong showing, with four percent of sites reachable over v6: recent implementations by NZ Defence Force and the Ministry for Primary Industries bring the first ‘large ministry’ presence.

“We expect government presence to grow steadily in the coming 12 months due to a combination of edict and movement to centrally procured (and IPv6-capable) internet and hosting services,” says the report.

Businesses have a choice of ISPs of various sizes to provide IPv6 services, though home users are less well served. “There are a few consumer choices for IPv6 but currently only one national choice, Snap.”

“Speaking to providers revealed that many of them are in trials [or] pre-production of IPv6 services and we expect an increased number of offerings to be available late 2012 early 2013,” the report says.

Internationally, the World IPv6 Launch event, on June 8 last year, has boosted IPv6 support among internet sites in general. This enables the Task Force to record that four of the top five sites visited by New Zealanders (google.co.nz, google.com, Facebook and YouTube) are IPv6 capable. TradeMe, when it comes on board, will make it five out of five.

By Stephen Bell

Source: http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/news/popular-nz-sites-disappoint-on-ipv6-support


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