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IPv6 Readiness Assessment Partner (iRAP) Logo Programme Opens New Business Opportunities for IT Industry
Singapore, 1 April 2014:  The IPv6 Forum (Singapore Chapter) has announced today on its newly launch and the first in global logo programme – IPv6 Readiness Assessment Partner (iRAP) to assist the local IT services companies to develop new business opportunities with IPv6 technology.
With the explosive growth in mobile devices and the emergence of the "Internet of Things (IOTs)", the need for IP addresses has become even more prevalent than ever in today’s fast changing environment. Companies who rely on using Internet, mobile devices, or any IT systems for the business operation, or even dealing with the development of the new innovations (such as IOTs) need IP addresses to support their business continuity. Many companies have started planning for IPv6 implementation as the current IPv4 addresses have already exhausted. 
To keep the business connected for now and in the future, we have to ensure that the current technologies using in the organization are compatible with IPv6. The initial steps are to seek for professional consultancy on IPv6 adoption and carry out a hardware and software assessment and audit to determine the compatibility of existing technologies with IPv6. Then, either to outsource for an IT services company with IPv6 expertise or to train the IT staff to configure, deploy and manage IPv6.
IPv6 Forum (Singapore Chapter) recognised the business potential with IPv6
The objective of the iRAP Logo Programme is to assist System Integrator and Solution Provider to get to distinguish them as a Competent Solution Provider. They must met the standard of requirement set by the IPv6 Forum (Singapore Chapter) which is having certified professionals in IPv6 technology to assess the corporate IT infrastructure for the IPv6 network readiness. Upon qualified as an iRAP partner, they are able to use the iRAP logo (Platinum or Gold Level) in the partner-branded marketing materials to show that the company is reliable, broadly skilled in IPv6 technology, and endorsed by the IPv6 Forum (Singapore Chapter). 
“This program will give incentives to the System Integrator and Solution Provider to encourage their client to start planning for the implementation IPv6 Technologies in the near future, the Readiness Assessment Exercise will bring the client closer to the System Integrator and become a technologies enablement partner” said Mr Linus Tan, Vice-Chairman – IPv6 Forum (Singapore Chapter) Education Programme. 
“IPv6 Readiness for business is a new milestone in our incentive programmes to get you ready for the new opportunities in view of a myriad of the new mobile IoT services and mobile smart apps. Be a pioneer and a winner in this upcoming Internet of Everything” states, Dr Latif Ladid, Founder & President, IPv6 Forum.
The list of qualified iRAP Partners will be listed in IPv6 Forum (Singapore Chapter) website –
For iRAP Logo Programme info, please click HERE
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