1. Keynote - IPv6: Smart Infrastructure for a Smarter Singapore

Speaker: Eric Dresselhuys - EVP of Global Development and Co-Founder, Silver Spring Networks

With billions of devices rapidly coming online and large-scale machine-to-machine (m2m) networks becoming a global reality, the role of IPv6 is more critical than ever before. As an early IPv6 pioneer who delivered the world's first wireless IP networks for smart energy grids and smart cities, Silver Spring Networks has now connected over 18 million homes and businesses across five continents — including an advanced energy grid in Singapore that is a beacon for the entire region. By leveraging the proven openness, security and scalability of IPv6, network operators can deliver real economic benefits today, while establishing a platform for ongoing growth and expansion in the future.

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2. SDN, NFV, BYOD, IPv6 and Security: The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

Speaker: Yanick Pouffary - Distinguished Technologist and Chief Technologist (Network Services), Hewlett-Packard Company

How do you take advantage of the promise of the technologies and where do you start?  For years we have been looking for ways to make the network more agile and flexible.  Transformational technologies such as SDN, NFV and IPv6 may be the missing pieces to complete our ability to truly deliver on an elastic network.   The ability to rapidly and dynamically deliver network resources based on business needs has continued to elude us.  

This session will describe a holistic view and an actionable approach on how to plan for and embrace the benefits these transformational technologies. This talk will also cover how key trends such as BYOD and IoT which require ubiquitous connected secure fabric.

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3. Internet Of Things: Powered by IPv6

Speaker: Jeff Apcar - Distinguished Services Engineer, Cisco Systems

Intelligent machines and everyday smart objects such as sensors, light bulbs, power meters, road signs and even garden sprinklers will grow the Internet device population by tens of billions in the next 10 years creating the Internet of Things. New protocols built on the foundation of IPv6 are being developed to address the constraints and requirements of IoT devices. Similar vulnerabilities exist in IPv6 as they do in IPv4, however the "attack surface" is broadened by the myraid of devices being connect to the IoT. The security risks change from stealing data (credit card data, passwords) to actuation over the physical environment (opening doors, switching traffic lights). This presentation gives a broad view of the IoT and some of the security challenges that face it.

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4. IPv6, a Bank Experience 

Speaker: Tan Choon Boon - Executive Director, Enterprise Architecture, Solution and Engineering Services, DBS Bank Ltd 

Learn about DBS experience in the journey on IPv6. What drives the Bank in adopting IPv6 and challenges that they faced.
5. IPv6 @ Microsoft – Today and in the Future
Speaker: Thomas Detzner - Senior Consultant, Microsoft Corporation
Learn how Microsoft implemented IPv6 in its worldwide network, what lessons we have learned from it and where Microsoft see’s the future of an IPv6 interconnected world. Also learn about the security aspects of IPv6 implementations and get a brief touch on the application development side.
6. IPv6 Networking in SDN

Speaker: Eric Choi - Head of Product Management, Service Provider, Asia Pacific of Brocade
Both IPv6 and Software Defined Networking (SDN) loom large in the Future of Networking.  One would therefore anticipate a natural affinity between IPv6 and SDN.  And yet, the leading SDN control protocol, the OpenFlow Switch protocol, is only now coming to market on products with capabilities that can form the foundation of SDN-based solutions for IPv6 networking.
The leading OpenFlow Switch protocol available in the market today is version 1.0 (OFS1.0), published in 2009, almost 4 years ago.  The first OFS version to offer real support for IPv6 is OFS1.3, first published within the ONF in the spring of 2012, and OFS1.3-enabled products are only now coming forward.  During this presentation, I will talk through the good news / bad news of today’s OpenFlow Switch protocol, covering OpenFlow’s “State of the State”, plan on using OpenFlow on IPv6, and other SDN protocols that are relevant for IPv6.


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