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An IPv6 Ready Logo certificate can be required for any device. This is the easiest way for vendors providing the equipment to prove that it fulfills basic IPv6 requirements. The tender initiator shall also provide the list of required mandatory and optional RFCs in order not to exclude vendors that did not yet put their equipment under IPv6 Ready Logo testing certifications. This way public tenders can’t be accused of preferring any type or vendor of equipment.

When we specify the list of required RFCs, we must list all mandatory requirements, except the entries that start with, “If [functionality] is requested…” These entries are mandatory only if the tender initiator requires certain functionality. Please note that the tender initiator should decide what functionality is required, not the equipment vendor.

Certain features that are in the 'optional' section in this document might be important for your specific case and/or organisation. In such cases the tender initiator should move the requirement to the 'required' section in their tender request.


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